Sunday, April 9, 2017

Baby Patrick {Family Fun}

Let's continue right where we left off.  Sweet baby Patrick is home with the coolest big brother and sister that love to laugh, cuddle and help in any way they can. It's so fun to see how the image series turn out when kids are just their silly selves. They will never, ever be this little again and seeing them with their new baby brother is just short of heaven. In addition to Patrick's newborn session, it was important to me to capture what this time in life looks like for the whole family. 

There's just something about the way they look at their new little baby brother that is so full of awe, curiosity and promise. Oh, the adventures, fights, tattles, lessons and a lifetime of firsts these three will have together.

And now, possibly my favorite nursery of A-L-L time! Harry Potter fans everywhere are smiling a cheesy full-teeth grin right along with me in seeing all the fun hand crafted little details in Patrick's room. I think I may need that "...up to no good" artwork in my office ;) And to top it all off, Hedwig hangs out right there in Patrick's crib to keep an eye on things.

Up next are some very special images for Connor and Paige. We had tons of fun hanging out in their rooms and playing with their favorite toys. Sometimes my favorite thing to do is to just sit back and watch the imagination at work. A simple car or airplane becomes a full scale rescue or invasion. Unicorns can fly for days to reach the party that Princess Poppy is throwing.
Everyday, a new adventure.

Paige was so happy to show me her big girl room with all her new books and desk. She even settled in and shared a story with me. She loves to learn but also knows how to have F-U-N!!! With her leading the way for her younger brothers, there is no doubt in my mind these kids are going places!

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