Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Figueroa Family

With each year I spend photographing families and sweet babies, I am more thankful for the people brought into our lives. I am always amazed at the intricate navigation that happens to bring people across your path. God is truly a master at this and Kristy and her family are just another prime example of His blessings!

This year we have worked hard and are taking the final steps in creating a non-profit, TeamUp Foundation that has been near and dear to my and Adam's heart for years. Our vision is to support existing organizations that are currently doing phenomenal work in their areas of expertise as well as support private individuals and families as we could. Through strategic partnerships with other like-minded businesses, we are creating a network of consistent funding to be able to help when and where we can. As we grow our goal is to expand into scholarships and grants to others in various areas of need. As a photographer, I have always donated my time and talent as much as I could with various organizations and events. I love giving back and have prayed about being able to do it more. Now I can!

Kristy's family is one of the first we were able to arrange this very special session for. Her family's journey is very similar to our own and has been rocked with a heart-shattering brain tumor diagnosis for her father, Bob. I know first hand what they are going through and when she mentioned her parents would be in town and that they would love to schedule a session I knew exactly what we needed to do.

Bob was rushed to the emergency room the evening before his grand daughter, Emma was born. Completely across the country in California they scheduled a biopsy which revealed the tumor was cancerous and surgery quickly followed while baby Emma was experiencing her first few days of life right here in North Georgia. The degrees of emotional strain were unimaginable. The shock, fear and hope that comes with any life-changing diagnosis and the euphoric joy of a new innocent life entering the world. Bob's surgery was successful and removed the tumor that was nearly the size of a lemon. But the cancer is extremely aggressive and Karen and Bob stay very vigilant with his medications, therapy and continued treatment to keep him healthy and active.

This session means so much to me but I know it means even more to Kristy and her family. To see and preserve how much joy "GoGo" has for his grandchildren and his excitement to meet the newest one expected next her by Kristy's sister is just so inspiring- it truly is what life is all about. People often wonder what wealth and success look like and I would say to them, just look at these... this is what it looks like!

What we can do with TeamUp will open up many opportunities to do more special sessions like this and other projects. If you would, we would love for you to join us in praying for continued blessings so we can continue to bless others :)

We would also love for you to join us in continued prayer for Kristy and her family, especially sweet, precious GoGo! He is very much looking forward to spending more time with Mia, Emma and the newest grand baby in 2017. He and Karen also have a vow renewal planned in Hawaii early next year. We will all be praying fervently for continued health and safe travels for them all. xoxo!

Pay it Forward: 
We are so thankful to be embarking on the next step of launching TeamUp Foundation and our efforts to support other non-profits, organizations, youth programs and families. In this journey we have partnered with FireFan, A new Free Live Sports App launching this Fall that is sharing a % of their in-app purchases and advertising with their participating affiliates. Please join us in our #iplaytogive campaign and click the here or the image below to sign up. We will follow up with you on how to download the app and play along with our TeamUp Leagues! Thank you so much for joining the team!

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