Monday, April 3, 2017

Baby Patrick {Sneak Peek}

Meet sweet Patrick. He's a snuggly bundle of joy and has just come home to two of the most amazing parents in the world! I can't even put into simple words how incredibly blessed I am to know and to have worked with Ryan and Caitlin since his big sister Paige was a newborn. I have also enjoyed loving on, photographing and snuggling with his big brother, Connor as well. 

My eyes may have watered just a bit seeing their images large in canvas on the walls. So for me, as much as for them, it was such a very, vey special session.  One that I will A-L-W-A-Y-S cherish!

Seeing how much Paige and Conner have grown and taking some time to be a little silly while Patrick was getting ready for his pictures was such a highlight for me. Their little personalities and giggles made my heart so full.

Patrick did wonderful with his session. Full and happy he slept through the first half but most definitely favored keeping his gator blanket close. But once his little eyes opened, he was wide awake and didn't want to miss any part of the rest of the fun. Ahhh, those BIG baby blues will just melt your heart!!!

I can't wait to share more images later this week with some fun we had with Paige and Connor in their rooms with their favorite toys. And I am still geeking out over Patrick's Harry Potter nursery, there may be some HP Marathons in our future! Caitlin and Ryan, thank you so very much for inviting me to be part of such a wonderful time for your family! xoxo

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